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Archaeological Field Investigation at Llanfrechfa




Following the exploratory investigations performed during the Winter of 2014 - The Ancient Cwmbran Society working in conjunction with the University of South Wales conducted an archaeological research programme into lost farmsteads within the area surrounding Cwmbran,starting in March 2015. The first such archaeological investigation took place on a lost farmstead in the Parish of Llanfrechfa Lower. The farmstead is not recollected within living memory and in all probability ceased to exist sometime during the mid to late 19th Century. It is located in close proximity to an ancient, possibly Iron Age, track way and also close to an ancient church and a possible medieval motte. Our investigations hope to be able to establish within reasonable bounds when the farmstead was deserted and  to establish when it was first founded.


The  dig took place over four days commencing on the 12th of March  2015


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